The happy union between beautiful web design and effective SEO. Because you shouldn’t have to choose between one or the other.

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Too often web design is in conflict with SEO’s best practices. Why?

Because web designers love images but loathe content …
while search engines can’t see images and literally feed on content.

Using the best web design software available, aided by an extensive knowledge of SEO best practices, SEO WEB DESIGNS offers beautiful web design that is SEO-smart.


Essential WEB Design

Do you need a basic website with in-built SEO potential? We’ll build a standard site for you that enhances your online presence and that’s structured for SEO success.


WEB & SEO Start-Up

After a customised website primed for SEO? We’ll custom build a beautiful site for you and give you all the tools you need to fulfil your SEO potential.


WEB & SEO Full-Throttle

Looking for a fully customised website maximised for SEO? Look no further. We’ll build a highly-customisable site for you that enriches your online presence and maximises your search engine clout. Including keyword research, SEO-blog coaching and site backup and security, this is the “complete package” option.


Essential SEO Design

Already have a website? This package will help you improve your SEO success.

Onsite Optimisation

BFF Google

Social Media

SEO Blogging

Keyword Research

Backlink Strategy

SEO Guides

Backup & Security

Other Services


Are your plugins providing security, backup to a remote source, effective SEO, and site performance and functionality? For a secure and optimal site, and peace of mind, order our Plugin Audit today.

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Touch Point Analysis

Do you have any idea of how your website performs in terms of SEO? No? Don’t worry, you’re in good company. The Touch Point Analysis scores your website in five core areas using both current technology and coal-face experience to give you an honest assessment of your website.

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Targeted SEO Expertise

We also provide specific SEO services on a quote basis. Perhaps you need assistance with a specific element of the Turbo Package but not the whole deal. For example, Keyword Research & Analysis or Social Media Guidance or Plugin Support. Let us know what you need and we’ll give you a quote.

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Touchstone FAQs

Peruse free articles that cover the most pressing questions concerning Google and WordPress. You can simply view the FAQ page or you can subscribe to receive articles on pertinent topics. (We only write new articles when Google changes or WordPress updates directly affect webmasters.)

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Top Star Support

In response to frequent client requests, we have added a new service. While all our packages are once-off payments and we empower you to be the master of your own cyberspace, a number of clients have asked us for ongoing support. If you’d like us to manage your website, see what we now offer!

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What Others Are Saying

  • “After scratching around with a very basic website, I realised I needed some serious help. After contacting Craig, he built my website from the ground up. Visually stunning, SEO wired and incorporating my own unique style, the result was outstanding. His eye for detail, thoroughness and professionalism are incredible. His Touch Point Analysis alone will blow you away. I highly recommend Craig’s packages and services.”

    Christo van Deventer Photography1

    Christo van Deventer, Christo van Deventer Photography

  • “Craig helped me with my onsite optimisation and gave me the resources required to apply effective techniques for ranking. This enabled me to create optimised pages and articles that nail specific SEO factors as well as developing a backlink strategy. Within a month, I hit first place on page one of Google for my keywords! My business has skyrocketed. The man knows what he’s talking about.”

    Craig Joppich

    Craig Joppich, Ukangadoit Mini Digger Service & Hire

  • “I asked Craig to develop my onsite optimisation and create the content for my website’s pages from scratch. He also did an eight week article series for me to get me going. He was upfront with me, said that the research indicated I was only in a moderately competitive industry, and we could expect to see success fairly quickly. Still, I was stunned that he got me to number one on first page in six weeks.”

    Kieran Jeff

    Kieran Jeff, GROlife Mineral Fertiliser

  • “THANK YOU Craig. You literally came to my rescue. I had tried, and tried to set up my own website and it was just never going to happen. You’re professional, extremely thorough, but most of all patient. Not once have I felt silly asking questions. I am not very good with technology, yet with Craig’s assistance I am proud to say I am taking the steps to managing my own fully functional website. I could not recommend Craig highly enough to anyone in any field of work that is wanting to start up a website. He is worth his weight in gold.”

    J'nae Seeley Photography testimonial of SEO WEB Designs

    J’nae Seeley, J’nae Seeley Photography

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