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Welcome to the home of Ugg & Lee cartoons.Welcome. We’re delighted to have you stop by.

We’re passionate about helping small businesses, schools, NGOs and service organisations use online technology to extend their reach and grow their profile.

This isn’t merely a job for us. It’s a thrill. A pleasure. And we only take on clients we feel we can actually help.

If we take on your project, we’ll care for it as we do our own. We can assure you of one thing: We over deliver. Every time. 


Craig at SEO Web Designs

Craig Kirkby has a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and Marketing. He has started three successful businesses in three different industries over the past fifteen years, two of which were built solely through online marketing and SEO.

Craig hosts this website and is the primary designer at SEO WEB DESIGNS. He has been involved in web design for well over a decade, and discovered the power of marrying web design with effective SEO ten years ago. He works in consultation with several other designers to create an exceptional product tailored for each client.

Along with his work through SEO WEB DESIGNS, Craig also teaches his Online Marketing Blueprint, running Vitalise Marketing workshops that equip businesses and organisations to maximise their reach and get their slice of the SEO pie.

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The iBoss Dilemma (Survival Kit for the Self-Employed)   Available in PAPERBACK and eBOOK formats.
The iBoss Dilemma
(Survival Kit for the Self-Employed) 

Available in PAPERBACK and eBOOK formats.

Craig works in collaboration with the following experts…

Hannah at SEO Web Designs


the social media master.

Dale at SEO Web Designs


the go-to tech ninja.


Honesty & Transparency
Because we have nothing to hide.

Promptness & Availability
Because we never want you waiting on us.

Service & Resourcefulness
Because we love what we do.

Friendliness & Patience
Because it costs nothing to be nice.

We take on a limited number of clients a month to guarantee quality of service. That said, let us know of your needs and we’ll look to schedule your project into an upcoming focus period. If you’re looking for help on targeted SEO expertise, we can usually accommodate it.