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Changing Your Password

Struggling to change your password? So sorry to hear.

We realise that few things are more frustrating. So we’d like to make a few suggestions.

First, a (very) quick explanation: Our system uses a highly sensitive password moderator for two reasons. Firstly, to protect your account information. And secondly, to protect our site from brute force hack attempts.

So, if it suspects any inconsistency, it gets a little cranky and may give you a hard time setting a new password. (For instance, it may frown on your repeated attempts to set a stronger password interpreting it as something dubious.)

If this has happened to you, you’ll need to pacify the old grouch.

And the quick answer is simply this: the secret to a strong password is a long password.

Yes, you should use both uppercase and lowercase letters, and make sure you throw in a number or two. Symbols like !?$%@^_ and & work wonders too.

But before you think you have to try remember something like g8wS6RK*JH*4%z_AqxdPP7Yv$, fear not.

Something like Mary_Had_1_Little_Lamb is very strong and easy to remember (although don’t use a well-known nursery rhyme).

So, do these four things:

  • Think of a phrase personal to you that’s more than 8 characters,
  • start each word with an uppercase letter,
  • throw in a number,
  • and connect the phrases with a symbol.

And you’re done!

You can do it now. Go to your My Account page.

Select the Account Details tab and change your password.


Voila! Success? Great!


In the event that you still have a problem, please close the tab and clear your browser’s cache. (Your browser may have cached your failed efforts—or even cached your settings from our previous system—thus causing conflict now. Yes, computers are wonderful things when they work well. Awful, awful things when they don’t!)

Not sure how to clear your browser’s cache? Please see Refresh Your Cache for excellent screen-shot assistance for all computer browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and mobile browsers (Android, IOS, etc.).

In the event, that you still have problems, we cannot stress how sorry we are. In this case, please let us know via the contact form and have a good moan. You’ve earned it! We’ll attempt to help you from there. Again we’re so sorry.