Getting The Foundation Right

Our Research & Analysis involves an extensive assessment of your industry to determine the primary and secondary keyword foundation upon which your website should be built. Without the correct keyword foundation, all our SEO efforts fall flat.

Too many SEO campaigns fail because they begin on guesswork and assumption. Get the foundation right first time.


First, we assess the trends in the niche markets of your industry over the previous twelve months in terms of overall search volume and mobile usage, and also by device and location.

Overall Search Volume

(On all Devices for Previous Twelve Months)

  • 277420
  • 281170
  • 260790
  • 296980
  • 300860
  • 313160
  • 308910
  • 268140
  • 302000
  • 294760
  • 316590
  • 290670

Mobile Search Volume

(Mobile Devices as a Percentage of Total Search)

  • 24.3%
  • 25.3%
  • 26.1%
  • 25.6%
  • 26.8%
  • 28.9%
  • 29.4%
  • 33.2%
  • 32.6%
  • 32.2%
  • 32.2%
  • 33.4%

By Device

(Monthly Average)







By Location

(Monthly Average Depending on Target Sphere)

By Country

By State

By City


Second, we use this assessment to tease out a list of potential keyword phrases. This list is scrutinised until we arrive at a Primary Keyword Cradle (around which your home page is fashioned) and related Secondary Keyword phrases (around which your main pages are built).

You will receive all the results of the research and analysis in a PDF document, including the full list of potential keywords. This document will also explain our reasoning behind choosing the Primary Keyword Cradle and Secondary Keyword phrases.

You will then have the final say in terms of which phrases we use to build your website’s structure. Plus, the research will also generate numerous topical keyword phrases you could use to craft blog posts and articles.


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