Essential Website Design

Do you need a basic website with in-built SEO potential? Pick one of our design templates and we’ll build a standard site for you that enhances your online presence and that’s structured for SEO success.

If you already have a WordPress website, but fancy one of our design templates, this package is for you too.


  • Those on a tight budget who merely want a website presence that’s compliant with SEO best practice. While the site will be structured for SEO, the Standard Package does not involve the full SEO treatment.

  • As a guideline, the project typically takes 2-3 weeks.

  • While I’m available via phone, correspondence will take place largely via email and a dedicated project page on my website. I’ll provide a DropBox link for your logo, images, etc.

  • $710

    No Payment Plan
    There are no hidden costs or monthly retainers to worry about.

In the interest of full disclosure, below are all the aspects involved in the Standard Package. For those who care less about geek-speak, you can skip the techno-babble by clicking here.

Pre-designed WordPress Theme

  • Pick one of our design templates and we’ll add your logo, branding colours and your images. Along with the Home page, you get a Services/Gallery Page, an About Page, a Contact Page, and an Information/Pricing Page.

    WordPress is the world’s most popular website Content Management System. With WordPress, one can create a visually stunning website and maximise one’s SEO capacity. Join over 60 millions people in utilising the power of WordPress.

WordPress Installation & Configuration

  • We install the WordPress platform for you via your webhost’s cPanel. No sweat, no fuss. Sit back while we set up your Content Management System (CMS) and configure your site’s framework: permalinks, page default settings, widgets, social media convergence, pages, categories, navigational menu tabs, and the contact form.

    You will need to procure a domain registrar and website host if you don’t have one already. This isn’t at all difficult. Please see Step 1 of our Seven Steps to Launching Your Site here.

    We’re proudly affiliated with Siteground, voted the best webhost by multiple reviewers. We confidently recommend them to you.

Mobile Responsive

  • We’ll make sure your website is responsive to all viewing devices: desktop, tablet and mobile.

    With Google going mobile gaga, websites that are not mobile responsive are missing out on their slice of the Google pie.

Multiple Image Galleries

  • We activate multiple gallery options, from sliders to thumbnails, from mosaics to tiles; whether you’re an artist, photographer or just simply enjoy using images, you’ll love the variety on offer.

Plugin Enhancement

  • We install and configure all the essential Plugins for your site.

    A Plugin is to WordPress what an App is to iPhone. They enhance your functionality and maximise your SEO.

WordPress Handbook

  • We have created our own Master & Maintain WordPress Handbook, a 25-page PDF covering all you need to know about mastering and maintaining your WordPress website with numerous practical tips and helpful screen shots.

SEO Guide

  • Even though this Standard Package is WEB DESIGN ONLY, we build all our sites geared for SEO.

    We also give you our 42-page PDF, The Complete Guide to DIY SEO, which covers the basics on how you can harness your site’s inherent SEO potential.

Upon completion of the project, you’ll have an engaging, functional website structured for SEO. As you become comfortable with the WordPress platform, you’ll also be able to build more pages, install other plugins you like, start a blog and switch between free standard themes or purchase a premium theme. From the date we finish your project, we avail ourselves for two further weeks at no extra cost to field any questions you have.

Standard Package
Price : $710 

(inclusive of tax)


Please Note:

While we provide all you need to maximise your own SEO (specifically via The Complete Guide to DIY SEO and by installing the plugins essential to SEO in this package), the Standard Package does not address SEO directly. For this, see Packages 2 and 3.

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