Website & SEO Full-Throttle

Looking for a fully customised website maximised for SEO as part of a comprehensive marketing plan? Look no further. We’ll custom build a unique site that reflects your brand and we’ll help you develop a multi-dimensional marketing strategy that utilises content marketing, social media engagement, email outreach, a mailing list, Google Adwords and a growing backlink portfolio.

This is essentially the Classic Package plus the TurboPlus Package. In other words, it’s the “complete package” option.


In the interest of full disclosure, below are all the aspects involved in the Premier Package. For those who care less about geek-speak, you can skip the techno-babble by clicking here.

Customised Flowing WordPress Theme

WordPress Installation & Configuration

Mobile Responsive & AMP Ready

Blog Functionality

Multiple Image Galleries + Photo Cart

Plugin Enhancement + Extras + ADDONS

WordPress Handbook

Drag & Drop Builder

IN-DEPTH Keyword Research Analysis

Onsite & On-page Optimisation

BFF with Google

Social Media CAMPAIGN

SEO Blogging PLUS

Backlink Portfolio

Google Adwords

Email Outreach & Mailing List

Backup & Security

The SEO 3-Guide Bundle


The long story told super short is simple: the Premier offering is the complete package if you want to marry a beautiful website with first-class SEO within a comprehensive marketing plan.

While guaranteeing first-page ranking in search results is not possible despite what some snake-oil SEO gurus claim (since ranking depends on multiple factors outside of your control, such as the competition of your industry), Package 3 will set you up to maximise your SEO-success and marketing reach. We don’t charge a monthly retainer either; instead, you’ll be equipped with all you need to manage your website and master your SEO strategy.

Now, go get Google!

Premier Package
Price : $2,110

(inclusive of tax)

Looking for the Premier+ e-Com package?

One-Time Payment

Save 10%

Payment Plan

Deposit 20%
Balance Paid Over 3 Months

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