CleanUp & Configuration

Ugg & Lee (by Craig Kirkby), Wordpress Plugins

If you have a WordPress website then you know how important plugins are. But with over 46,000 plugins (and counting), which ones are essential and which ones aren’t?

A badly coded plugin is a security threat and outdated, neglected ones can also leave a site vulnerable. So, which ones are well coded and with ones should be avoided?

Our Plugin Audit assesses your plugins, makes suggestions, cleans out unnecessary, redundant or suspect plugins, and installs and configures the essential plugins every WordPress should have.

Yes, we do it all for you.

Essentials plugins? What do they address?

Plugin Audit: Essential Plugins

In a nutshell, the essentials plugins we install and configure cover…


Make sure you’re protected from login hacks, malicious spam, and brute force attacks.


Make sure you’re backed-up to a remote source like Google Drive.

Search Engine

Make sure your site is enhanced to capitalise on SEO.

Performance &

Make sure your site operates optimally.

I regularly get calls from site owners saying, “My site’s been hacked. What do I do?” In most cases, we have to rebuild from scratch. Why? Because malicious script can be so pervasive and the breach is often too severe to repair.

The best solution is to avoid being hacked in the first place.

Are your plugins making your site vulnerable? Are you doing all you can to ensure you don’t get hacked. And if you do, is your website safely backed up at a remote source (other than your own computer and webhost)?

For a secure and optimal site, and peace of mind, order our Plugin Audit today.

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At just $150, it could save you a heap of time, stress and money.

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