Below you can view some of our past client’s websites to get a feel for what we do. Just about anything is possible.

From photographers to ballet schools, from not-for-profit organisations to online stores and restaurants, from immigration agencies to life coaches and authors, and everything in-between…


Nigel Knowles

Josh & Peri McIntosh,
Owners of Border Park Organics

“The project we presented to Craig was very complicated – we needed the ability to estimate freight costs to different states, charge a deposit, key in weights to determine the final amount, quickly update stock levels open, close our e-shop each month and much more.

In addition to all this, it was important that we establish our presence on Google in a very competitive market.

Craig listened to each and every request and actively sought a solution.

  • Craig was very thorough and kept us well informed of progress on each step. We have appreciated his warm and professional manner, with nothing being too much trouble. Even our basic questions and amateur mistakes were met with grace.

    The fact that Craig is familiar with all aspects of marketing and ecommerce, including SEO, social media and e-newsletters, was a huge benefit as these are areas we knew little of. Being a clever  wordsmith and able to craft complex ideas into a clear, concise format was an unexpected blessing.  

    Craig will always deliver the very best solution, even if it means several revisions, to help  transform your big picture dream into a reality.

    And for his assistance in our portfolio, we are eternally grateful.”


Nigel Knowles

Nigel Knowles,
CEO of Encounter Youth

“The issue for any business in today’s world is no longer piracy but obscurity. If people can’t find you on the first page of Google, you are going to be in trouble. Craig worked with our team to build a website that looked great but more importantly achieved its real purpose – ensuring people looking for what we do, can find us! Craig was exactly who we were looking for. He listened and helped us make our website work for us through SEO.”

Nigel Knowles

David Allington,
Owner of Allingtons, Lawn & Garden Care

“Building my new website with Craig has been a wonderful experience. His breadth of knowledge in this industry is phenomenal and his step-by-step approach made the whole process easy to follow and enjoyable. I realise now his service is more than SEO services and a website build, as he has also built in me the confidence and skill to take my business to the next level of excellence. Thanks, Craig!”


Travis Doecke, Owner Wide Open Coaching

Travis Doecke,
Owner of Wide Open Coaching

“Craig’s ability to turn my ideas into action and build what I wanted was nothing short of outstanding. Furthermore, he’s equipped me with the tools required to master SEO, web basics and the ongoing development of my site.”

Michelle Natoli, Owner of Photography by Michelle

Michelle Natoli,
Owner of Photography by Michelle

“I am not even sure where to begin explaining my experience building my stunning new website with Craig. I am sure I was literally his worst nightmare client, with absolutely no idea about anything to do with website design, operation, set up, maintenance, how to go about optimizing blogs, etc. You name it, I didn’t know it!

  • When I first started playing with the idea of creating a new website, I was a little afraid of somebody putting one together for me and then having it handed to me with no idea on how to run it. Or being handed a “too hard to understand” manual for it which may as well be written in Hebrew. Have I mentioned I am not so computer or internet savvy?

    After working together with Craig on my website construction project though, I can honestly say I have been well educated, and given every resource necessary for me to get my website working and generating business for me! I mean seriously, I went from page 8 of google to page 4 in a couple of weeks! Stay tuned, page 1 here I come!

    Craig has been the most thorough, patient, understanding, patient, exceedingly helpful, patient professional to work with during this process and I cannot recommend him highly enough.
    Thank you so much Craig, for everything you put up with from me and I look forward to working with you again in the future!”


Craig Joppichi, Owner of U Kanga Do It

Craig Joppichi,
Owner of U Kanga Do It

“Craig helped me with my onsite optimisation and gave me the resources required to apply effective techniques for ranking. This enabled me to create optimised pages and articles that nail specific SEO factors as well as developing a backlink strategy. Within a month, I hit first place on page one of Google for my keywords! My business has skyrocketed. The man knows what he’s talking about.”
Kieran Jeff, Distributor of GROLife

Kieran Jeff,
Distributor of Mineral Fertiliser

“I asked Craig to develop my onsite optimisation and create the content for my website’s pages from scratch. He also did an eight-week article series for me to get me going. He was upfront with me, said that the research indicated I was only in a moderately competitive industry, and we could expect to see success fairly quickly. Still, I was stunned that he got me to number one on first page in six weeks.”


Christo van Deventer, Owner of Christo van Deventer Photography

Christo van Deventer,
Owner of Christo van Deventer Photography

“After scratching around with a very basic website, I realised I needed some serious help. After contacting Craig, he built my website from the ground up. Visually stunning, SEO wired and incorporating my own unique style, the result was outstanding. His eye for detail, thoroughness and professionalism are incredible. I highly recommend Craig’s packages and services.”
J'nae Seeley, Owner of J'nae Seeley Photography

J'nae Seeley,
Owner of J'nae Seeley Photography

“THANK YOU, Craig. You literally came to my rescue. I had tried, and tried to set up my own website and it was just never going to happen. You’re professional, extremely thorough, but most of all patient. Not once have I felt silly asking questions. I am not very good with technology, yet with Craig’s assistance I am proud to say I am taking the steps to managing my own fully functional website. I could not recommend Craig highly enough to anyone in any field of work that is wanting to start up a website. He is worth his weight in gold.”

***It may be worth pointing out that we design each site to meet our client’s desires. While we offer advice in terms of design and SEO best practice, our clients have the final say on how their website turns out.***


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