Project Completed

Pax, spokesmammal for SEO Web Designs

Your project is officially complete. Yay! Throw your hands in the air. 😀 

But now what?

Just three things to bear in mind.


Master & Manage Your Online Presence

We’ve worked hard together to optimise your online presence. Now it’s important to keep it healthy and strong.

Remember three things in this regard.

  1. Keep your website’s software up to date. Always process any updates promptly. Why? For security and performance reasons.
  2. Make a regular backup of your website. How often? This depends on how often you add new content to your site. That said, backing up your site at least once a month is essential.
  3. Publish fresh content regularly on your website and promote it via social media. How often? Publish an SEO-strong blog post at least once a month.

Remember, you still have access to the client guides we make available.

Client Guides (Password: seogold)

You can also find helpful info on our FAQs page.

Touchstone FAQs


Need help? It would be our pleasure to assist.

While we provide a heap of resources to help you master your own path forward, you may find it too time consuming. You won’t be the first to outsource these time-heavy services to focus on other priorities.

For this reason, we offer a website management and copywriting service called Top Star Support. Check out the options available to you today.




Stay in the Know

Through our project together, we hope you’ve up-skilled in the website and SEO arena. Now it’s important to keep the learning process alive. (Or at the very least, keep abreast of news and updates in Google world.)

For this reason, we publish free articles on our blog and offer a monthly newsletter.

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