Editing Your Showcase Gallery

If you have requested the Showcase Gallery to display your work, we will set-up your galleries for you as part of the design project. However, you may well want to make changes down the track.

This post will guide you in how to edit your Showcase Gallery, a module of Themify’s fantastic Drag & Drop Builder, which we install in all our Classic and Premier Themes. (See here for Making Edits Using the Themify Builder.)

Making Changes to Your Showcase Gallery

Please follow these steps:

Step 1

Open the Themify Builder on the front-end of the page you want to edit.

Themify Builder - Step 1

Step 2

Click on the pencil (edit) icon to edit the Gallery Module.

Showcase Gallery - Step 3

Step 3

When the module pop-up appears, click “Insert gallery” to edit your image gallery. (Newer versions of the Themify Builder will show your images in the pop-up below.)

Showcase Gallery - Step 4


You can also do this via the back-end, in the Themify Custom Panel → Themify Builder.

Step 4

Press SAVE to close the Gallery Module and SAVE again to close the Themify Builder. Remember, give sufficient time for the saving process to complete. Wait for both the confirmation tick and the highlight on the module to disappear (see Making Edits Using the Themify Builder).

And you’re done. Well played.

If necessary, there is a second way to do this (albeit a little longer).

Having logged into your WordPress Dashboard, go to Media → Library in the left-hand sidebar. And select Add New.

Showcase Gallery - Step 1

Upload your image. Once it’s loaded, click on your image in the Media Library

Showcase Gallery - Step 1aa

The image details will open in a pop-up. Determine its ID number in the browser. In this case, the ID is 4502.

Showcase Gallery - Step 1a

Keep note of the image ID and repeat the process for all the images you want to add to the Showcase Gallery.

When you open the module pop-up, add the image ID you want to include. (Delete an image ID you want to remove.)

Showcase Gallery - Step 4



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