How to Add Video to WordPress

There are three ways to include a video in your WordPress Page or Post. (For all three methods, you will need to upload your videos to a third-party platform like YouTube or Vimeo. You could uploaded a video to the Media Library, but it’s not recommended since video file sizes are so large. A few too many videos in your Media Library and you’ll start slowing your website down and upset your webhost. And yes, both won’t work out well for you 🙂  )

WordPress Embed

The easiest way is to simply paste your video link into the Visual Editor. This uses WordPress’s embed feature. Not all formats are supported, but the following are:





Make sure you replace the likes of ABCDefgh and 123456 with the correct video ID.

This is a quick and easy method, but you have little control over customising the video in terms of size and placement.

Themify Builder

The second way is to use the Video Module in the Themify Builder. If you don’t know how to use the Themify Builder, check this video and this tutorial.

If you do know how to use the Builder, just drag the Video module into place, as you would a Text or Image Module.

You have far more customisation options with the Themify Video Module.

iFrame Code

The third way is to use iFrame code. If you want to add continual-looping for example, you’ll have to use this method.

For YouTube, use this code:

For Vimeo, use this code:

Obviously, you’ll need to add the correct video ID in place of ABCDefgh. You can also customise the width and height.

Where do you paste this code? In your WordPress Text Editor.

Where’s that? At the top-right hand corner of the Visual Editor, you will see an option to change to the Text Editor. Click the word “Text” and you’ll be able to paste the code into your content. Click on “Visual” to return to the Visual Editor.

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