Your Website is Your Primary Marketing Tool

In my experience, upwards of seven in ten people prioritise their social media platforms over their website. Why? Mainly because Facebook et al. are so engaging (read: addictive).

Don’t get me wrong, social media is a phenomenal resource, and it ought to be an essential part of your online marketing approach.

However, the business purpose behind social media is to connect with new prospects, engage with interested parties, convey pertinent business information and channel a growing audience back to your website. That last point is the big issue. Why?

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A Quick Easy-To-Action Tip

So, how do you use social media as a funnel to channel traffic back to your website? This is a comprehensive topic that we cover in our 36-page guide, “Building an Effective Social Media Campaign.”

Here’s one quick, simple but invaluable thing you can do.

Whenever you add a notable post to your social media platform include a relevant link back to your website.

For instance, if you’re a photographer and are in the habit of adding a sneak-peek photograph from your most recent session (an excellent tactic to excite your client and generate promotional momentum, by the way), all you need to do is include a link to a relevant page on your website, such as your gallery page. A call-to-action tagline like, “see some more beautiful bubs here” helps, too.

My own research suggests that somewhere between 10-25% of those seeing your post will now visit your website, people that would have simply smiled at your post and forgotten you five seconds later. Of course, what they find on the other side of that link is just as important as the link itself, and ought to provoke thought over what the next part of your strategy involves.

Finally, don’t overdo it. That is, don’t add a link to every post. People fear a social media thread with a myriad of links like the minefield it is. Think: 3:1. For every one post with a link to your website, you should have three posts free of self-promoting links.

And by the way, you can purchase the “Building an Effective Social Media Campaign” guide as part of the three-in-one bundle, or get it free in either the Turbo or Premier packages.

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