Specific SEO Support


Perhaps you need assistance with a specific element of SEO, but you don’t need the whole Turbo Package? We also provide specific SEO services on a quote basis for the following targeted tasks:

  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Onsite Optimisation
  • Becoming BFF with Google
  • Management of SEO-enhancing WordPress Plugins (for SEO effectiveness and page-loading speed improvement)
  • Social Media Guidance (comes with the 35-page PDF, Building an Effective Social Media Campaign)
  • Blogging Coaching (comes with the 43-page PDF, How to Write a Blog Post that gets Google)
  • Backlink Portfolio Guidance (comes with the very popular 40-page PDF, Developing a Comprehensive Backlink Portfolio)
  • Google Adwords Advice

Why a quote?

If we’ve designed your website’s structure, it will be geared for SEO. The above tasks will maximise that inbuilt potential. However, because not all websites are designed optimally, we cannot offer a one-size-fits-all service. We’ll need to assess your site’s structure before determining what’s required.

Let us know what you need and we’ll give you a fair and competitive quote. Plus, with all the services above (except Google Adwords Advice), we’ll throw in The Complete Guide to DIY SEO (42-page PDF) on the house.

All the best!


The above individual elements combine to over $825 worth of services. Our Turbo package is heavily discounted, covering all of the above for a once-off fee of $595.

Don’t mess around. It’s too important to get wrong. Get your SEO working for you today!

You can view our Pricing & Package Comparisons or return to the home page for an overview of our services.

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Product Bundle

Yes, we do sell the three guides together as a bundle. Each topic flows into the next, and if you know SEO, you’ll know how interlinked these three subjects are. Indeed, they are the very foundation of effective online marketing.

Blogging + Social Media + Backlinking
= SEO Marketing Success

The Three Guide Bundle for Targeted SEO Expertise

The three guides combine to more than 110 pages of robust, proven strategies, tactics and practical tips to help you become a veritable SEO master. We’re so confident that there aren’t better resources around, we’ll refund your money if you can show us we’re wrong.

How to Write a Blog Post that Gets Google + Building an Effective Social Media Campaign + Building a Comprehensive Backlink Portfolio

Get the three-guide bundle now,
for just