Getting the Help You Need


All our packages are once-off payments and we empower you to be the master of your own cyberspace. That said, when a number of clients asked us to offer ongoing support, we couldn’t say no. In fact, it’s a pleasure to assist.

What Support Entails

If you’d like us to manage your website, for a small monthly fee we do the following:

Keep all your plugins and addons updated. No more hassles.

Process WordPress and Themify platform updates when they’re delivered. No more stress.

Optimise your database and make regular backups of your website. You can sleep more easily.

Make edits and tweaks to the pages of your website as required. No more fuss.
Serve as a sounding board should you need advice and guidance on creating new posts, adding new plugins or installing new software. You’re no longer alone.

Provide updates and suggestions when Google or WordPress announce industry-wide changes or when Themify releases new design enhancing features. You’ll never miss out again.

Interact with your webhost on your behalf when required. No more frustrating, dehumanizing experiences.


How much is your time worth to you?

For a small monthly fee, you can rest secure in the knowledge that you’ve got a friend on-call while you remain in charge of your online property.

Think about it like this. If you require assistance or work done, we typically charge $40 per hour. With our support plan, we’re got your back for an entire month at that price.

Our Promise to You

You are not a number. We assure you of a personal touch!

With direct access to a dedicated expert, you don’t have to submit tickets that aren’t answered, or deal with a different “representative” every time you have a query. You will have our personal email address and we always reply within twenty-four hours. And usually within two!

You are not alone. We assure you of all our geekiness!

Besides the design and SEO advantages of WordPress, it also gives you full control over your online presence. However, the negative is that you may lack the necessary geekiness to maximise your site’s design or SEO potential. Now, our geekiness is all yours!

Keen on Top Star Support?

For just $49 month*, you can rest in the knowledge that you’re in good hands … and that your website is fulfilling its potential 🙂

If you’d like Top Star Support, order today!


*Payment is made in three-month amounts. Towards the end of the three-month period, you’ll be invoiced for the next three months. If the arrangement is not working for you, simply don’t pay the new invoice. There’s no obligation to continue.

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Top Star Support does not include making wholesale changes to your website, creating new content, or configuring WordPress plugins and Themify Addons. We certainly offer advice in this regard, and are happy to quote to do the work itself. Our rates are $60 per hour, but we offer a 20% discount to current and former clients.