Getting a Grip on Your SEO


Do you have any idea how your website performs in terms of SEO? No? Don’t worry, you’re in good company.

SEO can be a fairly nebulous topic and with the hundreds of metrics that search engines use to grade websites, the subject can seem highly complex and arcane.

The Touch Point Analysis gives you a feel for how your website performs in its SEO mix. The analysis scores your website in five core areas using both current technology and coal-face experience to give you an honest assessment of your website.

What to expect from the Touch Point Analysis

Your website will be scored on the following core parameters vital to effective SEO:


Onsite Optimisation

Page-loading Speed

Mobile Responsiveness & User Experience

Dynamic vs. Static Capacity

Backlink Analysis

After we’ve assessed your website, you’ll receive a private-linked document to view the results.

Your analysis will provide an explanation of what each parameter involves.

Onsite Optimisation
Page-loading Speed
Mobile Responsiveness
Dynamic vs. Static Capacity
Backlink Analysis

You’ll get a percentage score for each parameter and a total percentage score of your website’s SEO mix, as shown below.

Along with an explanation of the critical problem areas of your site, you’ll get action steps for each parameter.


What the Touch Point Analysis won’t do

The analysis won’t detail all the issues affecting your website, but it will highlight the major ones. (For various reasons, no website can secure a perfect score. So, think the 80/20 rule. Our goal is help you improve the 20% that delivers 80% of the results.)

The analysis won’t fix the issues for you, but we do offer some services that can assist, should you be interested. From site-wide overhaul to specific parameter improvements, let us know what you’re keen to do, and we’ll give you a quote.

If you’re just getting started, we also offer services to get you flying out the blocks, marrying beautiful web design with effective SEO.
See our pricing and packages here.

Keen on the Touch Point Analysis?

Since the analysis is not merely an auto-generated regurgitation of generic input, but involves a personal assessment of your individual website, there is a fee of $59.99.

(This fee also separates the freebie-chasers from those serious about their online presence. Should you purchase any SEO service or package, this fee will be deducted from the cost.)

If you’d like a Touch Point Analysis of your website, order today!

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