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Addressing Google & WordPress Questions

This page serves as a resource to newbie webmasters and SEO’ers in their quest to master their own cyberspace and to maximise the potential of search engine technology.

Google FAQs

What is SEO (and How Search Engines Work)?

Which Search Engines should We Befriend?

How does Google’s Algorithm Updates affect SEO?

What’s Up with Google PageRank?

What is Black Hat SEO?

Am I Really on Google First Page?

Are First-page Guarantees Legit?

Can I Use Google Images or is it Copyright Infringement?

How to Use Google Search Console (aka Webmaster Tools)? The Basics [Screenshots]

Landing Pages: Are they Good for SEO?

On-Page SEO: 10 Key Metrics for Topical Posts

Portfolio Posts: SEO-Strong Blogging to Display Recent Work

WordPress FAQs

WordPress.COM or WordPress.ORG?

How to Master WordPress & Themify
(Basics for adding Posts, Pages, Menus, Images & Themify)

How to Maintain WordPress
(Backing up your site, updating plugins, and more)

Useful Plugins: Jetpack and Brute Protect

How to Edit Your WordPress Gallery

How to Edit Your Meta Slider Gallery

How to Add Video to WordPress

More WordPress-related FAQs coming soon such as What Plugins Do You Recommend? and How Many Widgets are too Many Widgets?

General FAQs

How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Website?

How to Choose Fonts for Your Website?

How to Optimize Images for Optimal Sizing and Page-loading Speed? [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

Facebook: Posting Links and Clearing Facebook’s Cache (Ditto, Twitter)

 Themify Related Questions

How to Use the Drag & Drop Builder?

Making Edits Using the Themify Builder?

Creating New Posts on Your Website (Using the Classic Editor)?

Creating New Posts on Your Website (Using the Block Editor)?

Editing Your Showcase Gallery?

Questions Related to Photography Clients

Using Your Client-Viewing Photo Cart

 Siteground Related Questions

Registering a Domain Name and Procuring a Webhost? [Screenshots]

Transferring Your Domain to Siteground? [Screenshots]

Setting Up Your Emails at Siteground


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Please Note:

These Google and SEO FAQs serve beginners to SEO and WordPress (because we’ve all got to start somewhere). For more technical FAQs, you will have to look elsewhere. For all things SEO, we recommend Moz. For WordPress, we recommend WordPress Codex, WordPress Codex’s Getting Started and WP Beginner.

Here’s to your success!