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VITALISE Marketing

Vitalise Marketing, Growing Your Online Presence

vitalise [vahyt-l-ahyz]

to give life to; to make vital;
to give vitality or vigour; to animate


An SEO-strong website is like a tennis racket. If you want to maximise your performance, you need a top-notch racket. That said, the racket won’t win the game by itself. The necessary skills, game plan and fitness levels are also required.

Similarly, growing your online presence takes time. And know-how. A game plan and perseverance is essential. And both take time to implement, execute and manage.

For small businesses, such time is often considered a luxury. With time at a premium, there are always too many other important things requiring attention. Marketing is often last on a very long list of must-dos.

Enter Vitalise MarketingTM, a monthly marketing service designed to grow your online brand based on our own comprehensive Online Marketing Blueprint. Consider us your at-hand marketing agency.

We only keep a select number of accounts in this regard due to the time and attention required.



Our goal is to enhance your brand potential, to enlarge your online footprint and to expand your market reach.

This is achieved through keyword-rich content marketing, acquiring social media cues (SMQs) on Facebook and Twitter, maximising your Google My Business profile, managing a strong website, curating a growing mailing list and monitoring a healthy backlink portfolio, along with developing custom marketing strategies.



While we use a number of state of the art tools, such as Ahrefs, Mention, CrowdFire and Canva, we take pride and pleasure in personally and actively managing your account. In other words, you don’t get an auto-generated service and an algorithm-spewed generic report at the end of each month. Rather, we offer a hands-on approach. One tailor-made for your business.

Marketing efficacy increases over time, informed by Marketing Intelligence (mIQ). Growing our mIQ of your business, we seek to augment it by reflecting online what you’re doing day-in and day-out. We brainstorm and research new ways to expand your brand reach and enlarge your online footprint. We collaborate with you and submit every campaign, blog and post to you for approval. In essence, we serve as your at-hand marketing agency.

I have a vested interest in your progress. To be frank, I’d like to enjoy a long and successful business relationship with you. Since this is a result-oriented business, the moment you feel I no longer add value, you can stop renewing our month-to-month arrangement.


We offer three levels of Vitalise Marketing. 

Please get in touch today to discuss your business goals.


Throughout the duration of our arrangement, we will not make the Vitalise MarketingTM service available to any other business in your niche or industry.

VITALISE Marketing


Please let us know if you have any questions. Get in touch today!


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