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Best Webhosting in Australia

I’ve been doing this a long time. I’ve hosted multiple websites at numerous webhosts for well over a decade. Ten years ago, I discovered Siteground. Now I don’t use anyone else. And I’m telling everyone about them. Siteground offers the best shared webhosting in Australia in terms of security, speed and support.


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Siteground’s Security, Speed & Support

Siteground delivers where it matters most: online security, server speed and top-notch support.


Siteground’s best-in-the-business security also offers a free SSL certificate. This alone is a deal-sealer. Aside from the extra security provided, SSL certificates are now a Google-ranking signal. Why fork out $100+ extra per annum when you can get an SSL certificate free?


Siteground’s industry standard up-time model comes with a unique guarantee, and their server speed is top-notch with servers on three continents. With speed so important to both searchers and Google, you cannot afford a slow or under-performing website.


With free setup and transfer, free daily backups, unlimited email accounts, excellent 24/7 support (including toll-free phone number and well-managed “live” chat), and a 30-days money back guarantee, you simply cannot get better support anywhere else.

Need help securing your webhosting at Siteground?

Just follow this super-easy three-step process to get your discount on shared webhosting at Siteground:


First, you’ll need to visit Siteground in a moment (I’ll give you the link again below), where you’ll be presented with three options at discounted prices:

Siteground, Step 1

If you just want one domain (one website), you will find the StartUp plan sufficient. (And you can upgrade down the track if necessary.)

If you plan on registering more than one domain, or think you may want to host a second website, or you plan on adding an e-com component to your site, the GrowBig plan is recommended.


You’ll be presented with this screen:

Siteground, Step 2

If you don’t have a domain name yet, this is the place to create one.

Select Register a New Domain and type in your choice of domain name. Siteground will inform you whether the domain is available (and give you options if it is not). In this case, Siteground will be both your domain registrar and webhost provider. Good job!

If you already have a domain name, click the I already have a Domain option and add your website name in the field provided:

Siteground, Step 2

In this case, you will have the opportunity to transfer your domain to Siteground later (if this is what you’d like to do). 

If you do transfer the domain name to Siteground, it will become your domain registrar and your webhost, which is both convenient and cost effective. If you choose not to transfer your domain name to Siteground, that’s also okay. Siteground will be your webhost but not your domain registrar.


Finally, you’ll need to register your account:

Siteground, Step 3

Siteground applies the full discounted price to the 12-month option and a pro-rata discounted rate to their 24-month and 36-month options.

You will also see an option for extra security, the SG Site Scanner. While it is optional, we do recommend it. Bear in mind that it is an annual fee.

What’s Next?

You’ll receive notification from Siteground of your purchase and be guided through the initial setup process. If you need help, Siteground will provide it. If you know what you’re doing, you can decline the help.

If we’re building your website for you, please decline Siteground’s assistance. We’ll do it all for you. Please forward all your emails on to

What are you waiting for?

For the best webhosting in Australia (plus a free SSL certificate), register at Siteground and get your 85% off today!

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a Siteground affiliate. I am only an affiliate because they’re the best in the business. If you have any questions, please get in touch.